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Other R & D projects

Project Title Implementing Agency
Confirmatory Testing of Protein-based Marker Kit for Detection of Philippine Carabao Mango in Commercial Mango Nurseries and Germplasm Collection Visayas State University
Technology Business Incubators (TBI) among member agencies Visayas State University
Enhancing Capacity in Socio-Economic Research: Establishing Socio-Economic Research and Data Analytics Center in the Visayas Visayas State University
Upgrading the Horticulture Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory of the VSU Visayas State University
Native Project Eastern Samar State University
Establishment and commercialization of R&D outputs via Evaluation of Mussel Longline Culture Technology in Non-Traditional Visayas State University
Field Testing of Oyster Refined Hatchery Technique: verification on conditioning technique Samar State University
Facility Enhancement of Agro-Environmental Analytical Laboratory in Northwest Samar State University Northwest Samar State University
RAISE Program of Eastern Visayas Visayas State University, Samar State University, University of Eastern Philippines, Biliran Province State University, Southern Leyte State University and Eastern Visayas State University
Enhancement of VICARP & CMI’s ICT connectivity infrastructure Visayas State University-ViCARP

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About ViCARP

The Visayas Consortium for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Program (ViCARP) is a consortium of agencies and institutions undertaking research and development in agriculture and natural resources in Eastern Visayas. It serves as the regional arm of the National Agriculture Resources Research and Development Network (NARRDN) under the auspices of the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD).


A leading consortium of SUCs, LGUs and NGAs that catalyzes agriculture, aquatic and natural resources research and development for Eastern Visayas.


To spearhead the planning, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of agricultural, aquatic and natural resources research and development projects in Eastern Visayas

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